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Welcome! We are the Lombardo family. We are a naturally nomadic family, moving every couple of years, and it took us until hitting the road to come to terms with this. We always felt the need to grow roots in one place and call it our forever home. But after a few years, we would start to feel restless and get the urge to wander and explore somewhere new. Once we finally bought the “forever home,” it didn’t take long for us to get that itch again, which is why we bought our first travel trailer. We wanted to spend more of our time exploring, weekend getaways, and use our vacation time to road trip around the country. 

In April of 2018 at a beach fire in Outer Banks, we decided to at least try and see if we could take a year to travel, and by July we locked the door to our home and set out on the open road. Currently we are 3 years into our 1 year adventure; 1 year to road trip it around the country and explore while our house was rented. Fast forward to today. Houseless, not homeless. Freedom to grow, learn, and explore out of society's norm.

Looking back to our pre-traveling selves, we weren’t unhappy, actually quite the opposite. We were thrilled to finally own a home that we loved, to have a yard larger than the average ‘cookie cutter villages’ had, and to have our kids in a great school district. We just needed something more. Like I said, we grow restless. 

Our neighbors at the time owned a camper and after one late night discussion between Joseph and Tom, Joseph was convinced that we HAD to have one. I thought he was going through a midlife crisis. “We don’t camp,” I said repeatedly to him, unless you want to count the one time we camped in his grandmother’s yard in a tent with electricity. We also weren't outdoorsy, unless you wanted to count hanging by our pool or fishing at the beach. “So, why would we buy a camper?” I asked several times. Joseph’s argument made sense though. He wanted more weekend getaways and time as a family. Obviously once I wrapped my mind around the idea of not paying for a hotel and having our own space with our stuff, it made complete sense. 

We purchased our first travel trailer in May of 2017 and in less than a year we had decided to give living and traveling fulltime in our rig for a year a try.  And from that moment to the moment we handed the keys over to our renters, it was less than 3 months. 

In July 2018, we were very different people, really a completely different family from who we are today. We had a strict plan regarding our route, homeschool schedule, and keeping all of our friends and family up to date on our adventure. Today, we prefer to travel without a plan, our roadschooling routine doesn’t reflect traditional school, and we are trying not to be as slack on keeping you up to date with what we’ve been up to. 

When we started this website, writing the blog, and posting pictures to our social media, we had different intentions, but those have also changed. We post pictures and write blog posts to inform our friends, family, and followers on where to camp, tips & tricks on traveling, and what this lifestyle really looks like. Most days are great, but such is life. 

Fast forward to March 2020, when our perspective of how we traveled changed and we hunkered down for 6 months. Stationary life was rough but needed and helped us focus on being more intentional with how and where we travel. Today, we travel 60% of the time, and spend the other 40% at our rental property off the Blue Ridge Parkway in VIrginia. 

So, follow along as we document our life in whichever route that may be, whether it’s us updating our rental properties or boondocking in the desert.

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