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Layover in Kingfield

Because Bar Harbor to Montreal was more than a six hour drive, we planned a layover in Kingfield, Maine. As we drove through town and up a horrible road to the campground, we were both intrigued by this place and a little sketched out. Our campground was nestled in the Sugarloaf Mountain area, complete with water front activities and a playground that the girls were crazy about. After unhooking and setting up, we decided it was adventure time! Because the Appalachian Trail runs through this area, Joseph wanted to hike a portion of it. Well, we never found the trail head, but what we found was even better. A sign pointing to an overlook caught our eye and we had to check it out. The road led us to a gate and a young man collecting $10 per vehicle.

Seriously. A young man sitting in his car collecting money, opening the gate for paying customers, and handing us a pamphlet on Ira Mountain and Overlook. One of our best decisions thus far! After a mile drive up a steep gravel road, it gave way to beautiful views of Sugarloaf, Mt. Abraham, the Canadian Mountains, and other surrounding mountains . Because of vandals, the owners now have to charge visitors, but it’s well worth it. Not only did we get an amazing view, the park also included a great picnic area and an amphitheater where bands used to play. If we would have had more time, we would have drove to Quill Hill, which is almost 1,000ft higher and offers 360°, where Ira Mountain only offers 180°, but still breathtaking! After exploring and learning more about the history of the mountain, we thanked the young man and headed to town in search of food.

Before we left the campground, we asked the owners for recommendations for dinner. They suggested we check out Rolling Fatties, a local burrito restaurant with flare, good beer, and all local ingredients. Rolling what now? Rolling Fatties is a farmhouse converted into a restaurant, offering different areas to dine, play games, and relax, whether indoors or outdoors. The menu specializes in locally sourced food, which is then put into the biggest darn burrito you could imagine. So in a way, they were really rolling fatties… or burritos, whatever you want to call them.


Before heading out in the morning to Canada, we had to ensure that we were ready to cross the border. Documents in hand. Produce thrown away. No explosives. Okay, that last one was forgotten about. Now we don’t typically have explosives, like ever. But before we moved out of our sticks and bricks, we threw the Roman Candles into the car, between the passenger seat and middle console, and that’s where they stayed, forgotten. That is until we were crossing the boarder.

As we chatted with the officer, Joseph realized what was sitting between us. Thankfully, I did not. Before I continue, I hate dishonesty, but this was one of those moments that required us to keep our mouths shut and continue on our journey. We had no plans on setting these stupid fireworks off. Once we were settled into our camp site that evening, the Roman Candles went straight into the dumpster never to be seen again. Or so we thought… Just kidding! We really never did see them again, thank goodness!

Now, onward to Montreal!

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