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Onto Richmond!

We are officially one month into our adventure! Time has sped by and our “adjustment period” has come to an end. Our initial plan was to vacation with family in Topsail, and from there we would start our journey by heading north. I have never been so happy to not have a plan go as planned. By spending a month in North Carolina before heading north, we were able to work out any kinks, purge unneeded items, and feel secure by still being close to home.

As we crossed the border into Virginia, we all celebrated that we had made it a month, that we would be able to add a new state to our map, and that we would be seeing some amazing friends. Richmond, VA is a place that we try and visit as often as we can, but between our work schedules, we are usually only allowed a weekend twice a year. This time, though, we were able to grace our friends with an entire week of the Lombardo family presence. It still wasn’t enough, but we had a week full of kid playdates and mom dates. Liz, Steph, and I laughed like we were teenagers again, reminisced about times past, and as always sang all of our favorite songs.

As we packed up Saturday morning, we had a big choice to make in regards to our layover between Richmond and my hometown in upstate New York. Because this would be an 8+ hour drive, we needed to split it up into two days. Our choices consisted of finding a Walmart parking lot or a random place along our route. Random place won out! We drove to Gettysburg, PA, a place none of us had even considered visiting.

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