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RV Air Conditioning on a Small Generator

We all know how miserable it can be during the summer if you are boondocking or dry-camping somewhere and are not able to run the A/C. Or, how about you have a 50amp camper with two air conditioners but are on a 30amp pole and can only run one at a time without tripping the breaker? Well, you can make it happen!

Our 5th wheel has a 13,500btu Dometic A/C on the front and 15,000btu Dometic A/C on the rear and we run both on a single 3,500 watt generator. How you ask? Micro-Air East Start’s of course! These are installed inside your A/C units and reduce the power surge when the compressor kicks on. When boondocking in a large rig on a hot day, the temps inside rise quickly and when it is above 90 degrees outside with the sun beating down both units are required to keep the peace.

The installation of these soft starts is easy for anyone familiar with basic electrical work and there are multiple examples to follow on YouTube. We highly recommend these awesome upgrades to may your sunny days that much better.


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