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Surviving your first RV rally

So, you signed up to attend an event? Now what? 

Let me start out by stating that we are not “rally experts.” Technically we have only attended one FTF RV Rally with the SW 2020 Family Reunion being our second; however we have attended a handful of other events: Escapades with Escapees, Xscapers Annual Bash, and quite a few other Xscapers Convergences and FTF Meetups. With each new get together, we learn new tricks to make our life a bit easier during an event.

No matter if it’s a full week of socializing, potlucks, and activities or just a laid back-hang out for a few days, knowing what to expect and having a plan is essential to enjoying yourselves. Our first experience meeting up with a bunch of families was at Escapades in Tucson, AZ last March. To say we were excited was an understatement and we genuinely had no clue as to what to expect, nor were we prepared. The best advice is to relax and have fun, and hopefully these five tips and tricks will help your rally experience be a successful one!

  1. Plan out your menu. Keep all of your meals simple, whether it’s made ahead of time, from the frozen aisle, or a dump and go instapot/crockpot meal.

  1. Get your Anti-Crud Cocktail Ready. Whether you believe in essential oils, elderberry syrup, or Emergen-C, get it ready and on stand by! Typically we’re not around so many people at one time, nor are we running constantly, which is why we have to take extra precautions for our immune systems.

  1. Siestas & Breaks for your kiddos. From dawn to dusk, your kids will be busy: making new friends, playing games, making crafts, and running like crazies. Our friends, the Nomadic Norths gave us great advice on having our kids come home in the middle of the day for a break. This will (hopefully) help reduce emotional breakdowns, exhaustion, and over stimulation. Even if it’s for only 30 minutes, this allows them time to reset. Our girls use this break time to read, chill, watch a show, and usually eat another snack.

  1. FOMO- It’s a real thing! Just don’t let it influence your decisions, especially when you need your own time.

  1. Participate. Are you new to attending rallies and are hoping to make friends? Sign up to volunteer! It’s a great way to meet people in a relaxed scenario.

Once the event has ended and all the goodbyes are said, you will probably want to sign up for another event. Do it! Make sure to connect with all of your new friends, whether it’s through social media or by exchanging phone numbers. If you’re traveling in the same direction, make plans to meet up. Most importantly, after the event is over, take time as a family to rest, be together, and to share what you loved most about the event. 

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