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Top 10 RV Essentials

These top 10 RV essentials are what you need to make your RV travel adventures a success. Every item on here we currently use or have used. Many of them have been replacements for when we thought we were getting a “deal” on something less expensive.

We launched as a full-time RV living family back in July of 2018 and I work in IT, so there will be another blog post coming soon outlining what helps me be successful as a digital nomad.

The Top 10 RV Essentials List

  1. Rhino Sewer Hose, Elbow and Extension

Don’t mess around and buy the cheapest stinky slinky you can find. We have found the Rhino Sewer Hose and Rhino Sewer Hose Extension to be rock solid for us. Nothing worse than poo dripping everywhere while surrounded by strangers.

  1. Leveling Blocks

No one wants to sleep on an incline not to mention it can make your slides quite unhappy. Grab a set of leveling blocks or get a fancy set of Andersen levelers like we have .

  1. Wheel Chocks

Keep your RV in the same spot you left it. We use two sets. The first are standard chocks to keep the trailer from rolling away and the second set of X-Chocks goes between the wheels to help stabilize the trailer.

  1. Water Hose, Filter and Pressure Regulator

When it comes to your water, what do you really want to put in your mouth? Make sure your hose is drinking water approved and you have an adequate filter and pressure regulator to protect your coach from whatever source you are hooking into. We love our Zero-G water hose. It packs down to nothing but is extremely durable.

  1. Surge Protector and Electrical Adapters

Just the same as your water source, you have to protect your investment from electrical damage. Using an EMS/surge protector gives great peace of mind. Also, not all electrical posts are the same. Maybe you have a 50amp and only 30amp is available? Plugging in to the house? Need an adapter there too. Here are a few: – 50amp to 30amp30amp to 15amp

  1. Toilet Paper and Black Tank Treatment

What TP to use is an often debated subject. Some say you can use regular, others only RV approved. We stick with Scott’s Rapid Dissolve. Don’t forget to drop a tank treatment in after every dump of your tank!

  1. Bug Screens

From the factory, your RV will have vents for the heat and hot water heater. Throw a few cheap bug screens on there to keep the wasps out.

  1. Screen Door Bar

How can such a tiny item make such a happy home? Stay a few days in your RV then add this bar. It truly makes life better.

  1. Bathroom Vent Cover

Unless your RV came with an upgraded bathroom fan, it is just a piece of plastic that cranks open. What do you do if it is raining? Just enjoy the aroma? No, you put on this Maxxair vent cover so you can keep your vent open in all weather. And if you love your family, buy some Poopouri.

  1. Shower Head

I know this isn’t essential, but man do the ones that come with your RV from the factory suck big time. It’s a couple of bucks but the Oxygenics shower head really improves the bathing experience.

Bonus Item!

If you have interior doors, regular door handles from your favorite big box store will fit. Get some locks and prevent those awkward moments.

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